My Urantia Book Journey

Revelations self-validate

About my Urantia Book journey...

Do we have original creative ideas, or are they just revealed to us?
I only considered the latter once I read the Urantia Book.

Learning about the Thought Adjusters, the real Jesus of Nazareth, and the Lucifer rebellion, blew my mind.
But it shocked me that the book’s authors claimed it to be a revelation.
Revelation? I thought,  How presumptuous!

However, the more I read, the “auto-proclaimed” revelation became more and more attractive…

How did that happen?

Well, because there were lots of outstandingly original ideas and explanations about religion. None that I had come across before.

Witnessing an extraordinary mystical event may shake you to the point of considering it a personal revelation that has the power to change your life. I have learned of such cases.
But, sometimes, revelations “reveal” themselves through their content. Their origin may be unclear, but their content’s quality is sufficient to validate them.
That was my case with the Urantia Book.

I found the answers to all my fundamental religious questions in it.

Throughout its narrative, I found those fundamentals to be absolutely coherent, but most importantly: They were simple.
All concepts were bold and clear and never qualified as sacred. The book had no room for interpretation. It was a narrative of facts.
And finally, it just sat there, waiting to be read. No religious hierarchy behind it.

When you encounter such a self-contained and deterministic declaration, you think of only two options: True or false?

I immediately embraced its values, but primarily being a scientific person used to validate origins, I just solaced myself for years with the thought that such a grand historical narrative and its following outcome could be real.

With time, it transformed me, and I started to feel the need to share my happiness based on those hopes. But, since the book cleverly states: “give advice only when it is asked for” (P556:16, 48:7.16), I never attempted to recommend it proactively.

Then, I discovered the internet’s SEO and found a way to promote the book only with the searchers of answers or advice, finding the coherence I sought.

That is the reason for this website. Trying to attract people searching for answers to their religious or values questions and dragging them to relevant book sections in the hope that they keep consulting it for the rest of their lives.

And I know that if they thrive like me in my Urantia Book journey, they will find relief from much of their distress and, maybe, encounter the same or even more happiness than I enjoy today.