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Is Jesus the son of God?

Integrity is the opposite of lunacy. Several times during his public life, Jesus claimed to be the Son of God. Such a disruptive assertion under the assumption that he was just a prophet may make us think he was either a lunatic or a self-important person. But, are lunacy or superiority consistent with his life? In fact, it was just the opposite. Then, the only other possibility is that he spoke the truth.

Is Jesus the son of God? Learn from one of the Urantia Book passages where he makes the assertion, CLICK!

184:1.8 (1979.6) When he returned, going up to the Master’s side, he said, “Do you claim to be the Messiah, the deliverer of Israel?” Said Jesus: “Annas, you have known me from the times of my youth. You know that I claim to be nothing except that which my Father has appointed, and that I have been sent to all men, gentile as well as Jew.” Then said Annas: “I have been told that you have claimed to be the Messiah; is that true?” Jesus looked upon Annas but only replied, “So you have said.”